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Simon Buckley independent IT Networking Consultant, Internet and Security Specialist for ALL your Computing needs for the complete Computer and Internet experience.

Simon Buckley is a local Cheshire computer and Internet consultant providing a one-stop service to home users and business in Northwich and Cheshire. From the initial site survey and quote to installation, training, support, advice and on-going maintenance. In this fast-paced world, you can't afford to lag behind. If your business needs to talk to somebody about computers, talk to The Computer Man.

Simon has 30 + years of IT experience and has a Microsoft MCSE and Cisco CCNP accreditations which are highly respected in the IT industry. I have worked for large corporate organizations providing Computer consultancy with a breadth of IT experience.

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Networking across both local and wide areas is a complex and often overlooked component of an organization’s computing infrastructure. Whether you need to communicate across multiple sites in the UK or around the world, corporate networks now carry an increasing proportion of business-critical data. I understands that customers rely heavily on their networks and that the consequences of these networks under-performing or even failing can be catastrophic.


Network Design Whatever your requirement, can provide a comprehensive range of network and infrastructure design services. These include logical network design, system design, security design, physical network design and network server design.

Vendor Management & Product supply working closely with key vendors to keep abreast with new products and technologies. Customers receive the best independent advice that will match both their current and future requirements.

Configuration & Integration in providing seamless execution without impacting end users. Adhere to specific change control procedures to ensure smooth transition of technology.


Networking skills, including both pre and post sales capabilities. Therefore I can be involved throughout the entire project lifecycle process - from the initial planning discussions (e.g. assessing how the latest high speed technologies could be implemented in their network), through the specification and design stages, and also including the installation, configuration and testing of the completed network. The benefit of this approach is that a single point of contact is available throughout the project.

Network Audit & Design provides information on the existing cabling and networking infrastructure, including workstations, network cards, servers, cabling, hubs and all inter networking devices. This is complemented with design services, including logical network design, system design, security design, physical network design and network server design.

Network Configuration & Implementation providing end-to-end networking services, from Remote Access to ATM and Gigabit Backbones, Server Farms.

Network Health Check, Security Check & Trouble-Shooting whether an existing network that is not running optimally, migrating from Token Ring to Ethernet, effective health checks, security checks and trouble-shooting analyses using advanced network monitoring applications such as a Network General Sniffer.


The dramatic rise in Internet and related technologies demand bandwidth that could bring your existing network infrastructure to a standstill.Many organisations are turning to new technologies, such as Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Gigabit Ethernet to alleviate existing or potential bottlenecks. While advances in enterprise networking technology promises to deliver substantial benefits, such as its ability to integrate voice, video and data , IT managers are seeking experience to deliver stable and cost-effective networking solutions.


Strategy Workshop the workshop provides a tailored introduction to the core technology that will dramatically improve your infrastructure, such as ATM and Gigabit Ethernet. Identify your current and future business needs and uncover how networking may address those requirements.

Network Planning & Audit a thorough examination of your existing client, server and networking infrastructure will reveal what investment is required in new technology and skills. Based on this audit, a carefully staged plan ensure's a seamless migration to the new environment, thereby minimising the risks, costs and disruption to end users.

Multi-Vendor Procurement A vendor-independent solution, will provide products and solutions that best suit the requirements. In conjunction with the manufacture partners a speedy fulfillment of network implementation is achieved.

Installation Services Delivering resilient solutions around networking technology, designs, installs and configuration across the LAN and WAN.

Management & Support Services Management and support can be done remotely over PSTN or ISDN.

Network Health Check Service For Local and Wide Area Network, Network Management & Cabling. A company’s network is one of the most critical parts of the corporate IT infrastructure. If it performs poorly or fails all together the consequences can range from inconvenience to the users to loss of access to business critical systems.

The network health check detect any issues before they become problems. The existing network infrastructure and future plans would be discussed. The report produced will contain all or many of the points below depending upon individual requirements:

  • Analysis of Inter networking equipment configuration
  • Visual inspection of wiring closets and floor locations for comments or need for recommendations.
  • Analysis of statistics gathered, representing traffic levels, types and protocol spread on each segment of the network
  • Highlight any observed problems or bottlenecks.
  • Overview of existing network infrastructure.
  • Future plans or projects for network requirements.
  • Conclusions and recommendations.

As a guideline, the estimated time to complete a health check and report for a network consisting of two ethernet segments or two token ring LAN's would be approximately 2 days.

Every company experiences poor network response and performance from time to time. The effects of this can range from inconveniencing users to preventing critical applications and systems performing as required.Often the cause of these problems in not caused by a networking device but by a system accessing the network or poor network planning and growth. Additionally, these problems often occur intermittently, causing additional headaches in tracking them down.

As a consultant I will identify any problems and propose a solution, and if required, implement any recommendations. A report will detail the description of the problems, approach taken to identifying and resolving the problem, and any on-going recommendations for preventing a re-occurrence of the problem.

Remote Access Services Nearly one third of all computing devices sold in Europe are portable devices such as laptop computers. Over the next few years we will see the way that many staff work change fundamentally from an office based to mobile or home based approach (Teleworking). This shift in emphasis has many advantages for both the company and the individual: reduce commuting time and travel costs, more flexible hours enabling companies to retain key staff who otherwise might have left due to moving away or maternity, and "hot desking" allowing companies to rationalise the amount of office space required.

All of the technologies required to make this a reality are here today and are tried and tested. Major communications companies such as BT see teleworking as an increasingly key component of corporate life, enabled by technologies such as ADSL, ISDN and fast 56kbs modems over analogue lines.